MD - Marketing Director On-Call

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to your on-going marketing needs?

With new challenges and opportunities at every turn, our ‘MD - Marketing Director On Call’ service may be the answer.

Attention Marketing Decision Maker:

Economic conditions and radical changes in our business environment overthe past few years have forced many companies to reduce marketing staff, cut back on marketing and advertising programs, and alter or abandon their promotional efforts. Yet the needs of communicating value and building demand for your products or services are more critical now than ever before. These circumstances are the very reason we developed the ‘MD - Marketing Director On-Call’ concept.

Marketing Director On-Call is a service specifically designed for the businessthat seeks experienced and professional marketing, advertising, public relations or design support yet does not want to incur the costs associated with a full time in-house marketing director position or marketing department.

Why an outside ‘Marketing Director On-Call’?

When faced with unique situations or opportunities, your company may have many alternatives from which to seek assistance. Primary options include assigning a current employee to new tasks or bringing on additional staff for new assignments. However, those options may not be the most cost-effective or desirable methods for meeting your particular needs. Also, you may not be able to find potential employees with an outside advisor’s professional experience and unique credentials.

The benefits of retaining the services of outside individuals to perform specific functions include:

  • they are experts who work daily in their field of expertise
  • your company realizes an overall savings in time and money
  • you often receive better results than if assignments are performed in-house
  • outside contractors work closely with your client and staff, yet do not require direct supervision
  • you receive an independent and objective point of view
  • flexible resources with dedicated time to focus on specific tasks or objectives
The investment comparison shows just how cost-effective MD On-Call can be for your business.

Compared to full-time in-house positions, the lower costs associated with the Marketing Director On-Call program enable a company to free up funds for implementation of specified marketing goals. Below is a comparison of a full-time position versus the Marketing Director On-Call program based on an average need of 4 - 10 hours per month:

Components of the MD On-Call Program

Information / Development Sessions

Representatives of our firm will meet with you and members of your company to develop a comprehensive base of information concerning past and current communications efforts, marketing focus and strategic goals. Sessions are customized to address your specific needs and usually include facilitated group meetings and up to six individual interviews with designated personnel. Information gathered during these sessions will be compiled into a strategic white paper for presentation and review with you and/or your staff. After the initial review phase, your personal Marketing Director is “On-Call” to answer questions and guide you through marketing and advertising related issues that may arise in day-to-day operations of your business. In addition, by participating in our Marketing Director On-Call program you will have priority access to our team of marketing, advertising and design professionals. Best of all, this access is available for a fraction of the cost of a single full-time position within your company.

Monthly On-Call Services

Your monthly investment in the MD - Marketing Director On-Call program will be based on the agreed-upon number of hours that your ‘Marketing Director On-Call’ team will be available on site or via telephone to address your most difficult marketing and promotional issues. In addition, you have priority access to our entire staff of marketing, advertising and design specialists.*

Quarterly Checkpoints

Each quarter your personal Marketing Director meets with you and/or your staff to update on-going activities and offer counsel and advice on any current marketing issues facing your company. Additionally, these meetings will assist in keeping your company’s marketing efforts focused on previously identified strategic goals.

Required Investment

Your company’s investment for the Marketing Director On-Call program will be based on the estimated monthly commitment for services. Once a decision has been agreed upon on the number of hours that will be required for your particular program and an agreement is reached, you will receive a proposal outlining services and investment requirements and a time-table for commencement of the program.

What’s the next step to putting your ‘Marketing Director On-Call’ to work for you and your business?

Simply fax the attached information sheet to 336-570-9067 or go to and complete the on-line information form. We will review your information, then give you a call to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your particular needs and see if the MD - Marketing Director On-Call program is the solution your company has been looking for.

Thank you for your interest in our Marketing Director On-Call program. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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